The Benefits of Body Brushing and How To Do It


Body brushing provides an instant boost to energy and circulation.  A weekly or daily body brushing routine can reduce aches and pains and enhance to overall health and well being.

  Body Brushing: 

  •     Eases Joint Pain
  •     Relaxes the Body
  •     Boosts Circulation
  •     Stimulates Release of Your
    Natural Pain Killers
  •     Pacifies the Nervous System
  •     Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells
  •     Opens Pores so Skin can Breathe
  •     Strengthens the Immune System
  •     Increases Lymph Flow
  •     Helps the Body to Detox
  •     Improves Muscle Tone
  •     Improves Skin Tone & Color
  •     Helps Improve Balance & Coordination  
  •     Evens Skin Texture
         We recommend including body brushing (dry brushing) in your weekly self-care routine. This is highly recommended for people experiencing joint pain, muscle aches or sluggish circulation.   

                                 How To Dry Brush Your Skin:

    • Dry Brushing takes 2-10 minutes a day 
    • Use 2 natural bristle brushes 
    • Brush the whole body, starting at the toes and working up
    • Brush circles & crisscrosses on all of the joints & long sweeping strokes up towards the groin & then up towards the underarms
    • Brush until your skin becomes rosy, warm & glowing 
    • The best time to dry brush is before a shower or before a massage

      Pick up some natural boar’s hair bristle dry brushes at Urban Sanctuary. We are open 7 days a week, so stop in and we’ll give you a  body brushing technique demonstration. Be kind to yourself; when in Athens, Georgia, unwind at Urban Sanctuary.

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