Staff Highlight: Krista Kramer

   Krista Kramer has been a massage therapist at Urban Sanctuary since we were in our infancy. This is her 7th year on staff and we feel it’s a real compliment that she’s stayed with us for so long. Before our paths crossed, Krista became interested in massage while studying dance.

  Her background in the medical massage environment and her love of anatomy bring a special strength and versatility to her massage. Some of Krista’s specialties include TMJ massage, Asian Foot massage, Deep Tissue Foot massage, Prenatal massage and the Urban Neck massage. 

Krista, where are you from?
I was born in Illinois and grew up in Marietta. I’ve been in Athens on and off for 15 years.

What brought you here?
 The UGA biology program.

What are some of the things that you like about living in Athens?
The Botanical Gardens, the parks, the people, the music, the art and culture here.

Do you have favorite places to shop and eat in town?
The Last Resort, Heirloom (across the street from Urban Sanctuary), Farm 255, Earth Fare and The Daily Coop.

Tell us about getting into massage through your studying dance.
I’ve danced all of my life, and danced with a competitive company in high school. Growing up as a dancer, my mom would massage my calves at night when they hurt so bad that I couldn’t sleep. She massaged my low back and legs, and I think that’s what got me into massage…

What are your favorite pastimes now?
I go to Good Dirt where I love making pottery, especially mugs and bowls. I play the flute. I love photography. My garden is my favorite place to be.

Have you traveled?
I love to travel! I’ve been to Costa Rica three times and to Europe once, just recently.

Music is the international language. I love how it effects people physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Want to share anything else?
I’m into holistic health care, prevention and wellness through eating organically, using herbs, yoga and massage. Take care of yourself!

  Krista has shared her green thumb with us by planting and caring for herbs and plants on the deck at Urban Sanctuary. Stop by and take a peek. Call 706-613-3947 to inquire about booking a massage with Krista. She works four days a week. View our entire menu of services online or other staff profiles.


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