Couples Massage: Unwind Together…


 Couples massage allows both of you to enjoy your massage in the same room, side by side. It makes for a wonderful date and a wonderful shared experience. At Urban Sanctuary, we have three spa rooms set up for couples, and cozy waiting lounges to unwind in together before and after your service is complete.

 Taking that extra time at the spa to quiet your mood before the massages begin, will help you both to have a more tranquil experience together. As you settle into the space here, your nerves settle, your head space gently shifts, and you naturally ease into a state of peaceful awareness. Racing thoughts take a pause and your whole being begins to unwind…

  It is amazing to have this experience as a couple. Take a quiet pause, regroup and unwind together in a beautiful space. For many couples, quiet hours are few and far between due to child care, work appointments and sleep. This is a mini-vacation from your going out and staying home routines. This affords you both a special time to share, and neither of you will need to lift a finger once you walk in the door to Urban Sanctuary.

  Many couples ask if they both have to have the same style of massage during their couples service. No, you do not. Each of you can choose your favorite type of massage and have your massage customized for you. Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, Men’s Massage, Aromatherapy, Scalp Massage or mix and match. You each get to have the massage that is just right for you, while enjoying those massages in the same room near each other.

  Many couples ask if it is okay to request a female or male therapist. Certainly, it is. Also, you may request your favorite massage therapist for yourself or for your date. We want to make this experience as seamless and flawless as possible for you. Please allow us to get it just perfect for you both. You’ll feel good for days…

  The renewed and peaceful state of mind the two of you will share after you leave the spa is just priceless. You will feel deeply relaxed, wonderfully at ease and you will share that feeling between the two of you for the rest of the day – perhaps even longer. I think that is the best aspect of couples massage…

  Call Urban Sanctuary at 706-613-3947 to book your couples massage experience or purchase your gift certificate online.

Clint and Leah Watson of Tribe Fitness enjoy couples massage at Urban Sanctuary.

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  1. Thanks for your comment about how couples massages are a great idea. I like how you said that it’s a good way to unwind together. My husband and I are planning a trip for our anniversay, and we are looking into couples massages.

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