New Staff Highlight: Sheri Stout Massage Therapist

Sheri Stout specializes in Hot Stone Massage at Urban Sanctuary.

We are very pleased to welcome massage therapist Sheri Stout to Urban Sanctuary. After over 20 years as a licensed massage therapist, Sheri has landed in Athens where she is providing massage services to Urban Sanctuary clients every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Sheri is a level three Reiki practitioner. She performs Reflexology, Aromatherapy Massage, Body Scrubs, cold stone face massage, Swedish Massage and her favorite modality, Hot Stone Massage. For more than 8 years, Sheri has been traveling around the U.S. leading professional training courses to licensed massage therapists. She leads Hot Stone Massage training, customer service training and several other spa modality courses.

Sheri has lived most of her life in central New Jersey. Her mom has been living with her for the past 8 years and 2 years ago the 2 of them moved down south to join Sheri’s sister, Kris, in Georgia so the two sisters could provide care for their mom together. The three of them live in Watkinsville, where Sheri and Kris raise perennials and small trees in their backyard nursery. Kris sells them at the Oconee Farmers’ Market and to private clients who enlist her skills to help them create a beautiful year-round plant garden. In addition to raising plants and trees, they also raise worms! They make their own soil using compost and worm castings. Sheri and Kris are extremely conscious of holistic gardening and practice this in their nursery as well as their organic garden.

Other than missing the ocean, Sheri says that southern living has been really great.
I asked Sheri why she became a massage therapist and here is her story:

“Years ago, I was a nursing assistant in nursing homes. Being witness to contractions and bed sores, I thought there was a better way to prevent these in our elderly. I began massaging these sweet folks to help lower their anxiety levels and help them fall asleep. I would give hand and foot massages as a way to soothe away their aches and pains. I decided then that massage therapy was not only wonderful for the elderly, but wonderful for everyone, so I decided to become a professional MT.”

And the world is a better place for it…

I also asked Sheri to give details about her jewelry making and design.

“I specialize in Navajo design earrings/necklaces. But I also do wire wrapping as well as assorted bracelets. earrings, anklets, etc. I started making pieces 30 years ago, but put that on hold to raise my 2 children. When my children became adults, I became care-giver to my mother and while staying home to care give, renewed my interest in jewelry making. I no longer have an Etsy account (but may renew it). I sell in 3 stores, one in NJ, one in Fla. and one here in Watkinsville called Ann Peden’s.”

Book an hour or an hour and a half massage with Sheri by calling 706-613-3947. She has warm hands and a very soothing, nurturing touch. Make it a hot stone massage for a deeply relaxing experience. Urban Sanctuary is open 7 days a week. Check our prices, gift certificates and spa service menus online.

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