Advanced Facials

Holistic Facial

Embraces beauty rooted in wellness and radiant skin as a reflection of health.Includes an in depth consultation to identify your skin personality, detoxifying lymphatic brushing, aromatherapy facial massage and targeted active skin therapy customized to address your well-being. Kambucha mask, Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm, concentrates of ginger, seaweed, rose and retinol clarify, recover,rejuvinate and renew. You’ll leave w a holistic prescription of beauty foods, skincare and well-being rituals for lasting results.

$155 – 75 minutes

Bio-Energy Lift and Firm

Creates luminous, even toned skin.Energize and firm over stressed skin. Ultrasonic and microcurrent facial technology paired with Naturopathica’s Bio-energy Lift Serum and Contouring Cream increase your skin’s oxygen consumption and firmness.


Marine Mask Wrinkle Repair Facial

A reparative and corrective treatment utilizes Advanced Ultrasonic and microcurrent technology with Argon Peptide Wrinkle repair eye cream and skin therapy.Combats signs of aging, firms, smooths and tightens the skin.


Series of Seven Advanced Facials

We recommend getting facials at regular intervals to maximize the benefit to your skin and to experience nurturing spa time often.

$660-$810 (saves $110-$135)

Vitamin C Brightening Facial

Brighten and Firm the face while healing the effects of sun damage and premature aging. Breakthrough Vitamin C15 Wrinkle Repair Serum,healing botanicals and microcurrent therapy dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles,creating bright, smooth skin.


Natural Face Lift Facial

This high performance treatment firms, tones and lifts the skin. A therapeutic Plant Stem Cell Booster Serum strengthens the health and vitality of the skin and slows down cellular aging. Ultrasonic and microcurrent skin therapy delivers deep hydration for a visibly firmer, younger looking complexion.Stimulates collagen renewal.


Facial Enhancements

Eye Contouring Treatment

Smooth fines lines, treat dark under eye circles and puffiness with advanced microcurrent and ultrasound technology and Primrose Cream

(add to any facial) $20

(double time) $40

Hydrating Lip Treatment

Gentle exfoliation and deep hydration with an intensive ultrasonic and microcurrent treatment with Primrose Cream. Leaves the lips smooth, plump and supple.

(add to any facial)

Matcha Brightening Treatment

Brighten and firm hands and de’colate’ with this luxurious facial enhancement featuring green tea and antioxidants to boost radiance.

(add to any facial) $20

(double time) $40

Cold Stone Face Therapy

Cold Stone Face Therapy is available to add on to any facial for skin cooling, soothing and lifting – reduces redness as well.

(add to any facial)

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