Men’s Services

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage for the deeper layers of connective tissue and muscle.Best to target 1 or 2 areas of your choosing per session for optimum results. Focused to release restricted tissue, expand your range of motion, relieve chronic pain,break-up scar tissue and adhesion.

$95 (1 hour)
$130 (1 1/2 hours)

Men’s Massage

Deep Tissue Massage with Hot Stones for Neck, Back and Shoulders and relaxing Scalp Massage.A combination favored by men.

$60 (1/2 hour)
$95 (1 hour)
$130 (11/2 hours)

Deep Therapeutic Foot Massage

Great for chronic foot pain and plantar fasciitis. Slow moving, deep tissue techniques for the soles, toes, heels and arches release pain, holding patterns and restrictions.

$95 (1 hour)
$130 (11/2 hour)

The Men’s Rebalancing Facial

Designed to meet a man’s skincare needs. Restores vitality to skin stressed, neglected and irritated from shaving and sports-related activities. A deep cleansing, exfoliation and mask leave the skin fresh and hydrated.


Myofascial Release

Myofascial release massage stretches and melts the connective tissue, relieves pain, increases range of motion and improves posture. This massage uses little or no oil to reach deep into the connective tissues.

$95 (1 hour)
$130 (1 1/2 hours)

Sports Massage

This massage uses compression, deep tissue techniques and stretching to recover injured, fatigued muscles from strenuous activity or to prepare the body for a sporting event.

$60 (1/2 hour)
$95 (1 hour)

Men’s Manicure

Soak, Trim, Scrub, Buff and Massage


Men’s Pedicure

Soak, Trim, Buff and Massage


Alpine Arnica Deep Tissue

For athletes, yogis or for stress relief, this intensive deep tissue treatment is designed to relax sore muscles, tendons and stiff joints with Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Russian Massage techniques and the best of Nature’s Pharmacy: Arnica, Sweet Birch and Magnesium.

$110 – 60 Minutes
$155 – 90 Minutes

Alpine Arnica Deep Tissue Massage Series of Seven

Experience the long term health benefits of regular Alpine Arnica Deep Tissue massage.

$660 – 60 Minute Series (save $100)
$900 – 90 Minute Series (save $155)

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