Peppermint Pedicure

Our pedicure of the season starts with a rosemary peppermint salt soak… Followed by a peppermint candy sugar scrub and butter massage.


Sweet Birch Pedicure

A Sweet Birch Magnesium Mineral foot soak, made by Naturopathica, relieves aches, pains, foot cramping and stiffness while re-invigorating the feet. Includes trim, buff, scrub, shape and polish.


Polish Change

hands – $12
feet – $15

French Nails

$15 extra hands or feet

Mani Pedi Combo


Men’s Manicure

Soak, Trim, Buff and Massage


Men’s Pedicure

Soak, Trim, Scrub, Buff and Massage


Urban Signature Manicure

Trim, shape, buff, massage and color


Urban Signature Pedicure

Soak, trim, shape, scrub, buff, massage and color


Hot Stone Pedicure

A foot soak followed by a Hot Stone Massage for Your Feet, Ankles and Calves. Includes trim, shape, buff, scrub and polish.


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