Scalp Massage

Scalp and face massages are profoundly relaxing and healing. Your scalp is covered in nerve endings. The muscles of the face and jaws are at work night and day. Focused massage on the scalp, sinuses, face and jaws can impact your entire nervous system leaving you re-energized from head to toe.

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Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Scalp Massage

This refreshing scalp massage opens the sinuses and gives the immune system a boost. Cuts through cold, flu and fog.


Lavender Lime Face and Scalp Massage

Lavender and Lime Aromatherapy is both refreshing and relaxing. This is a good choice for people who get headaches.


Headache Massage

Tension relieving techniques are incorporated into a scalp, neck and sinus massage to ease TMJ, s inus pain, migraines and tension headaches. Personalized massage to address your needs

$90 (1 hour)
$55 (1/2 hr)

TMJ Massage

TMJ Massage works to release clenched jaws and locked up muscles in the face. Face, scalp and neck massage included.

$80 (1 hour)
$45 (1/2 hour)

Cold Stone Face Massage

Helps relieve symptoms of headaches, TMJ, sinus pressure and allergies. Cold marble stones are incorporated into massage for the face, jaws, neck and sinuses. Rejuvenating

$60 thirty minutes


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